Fenix HT32, 2500 lm

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Fenix HT32: The Perfect Hunting Companion


The new flagship model HT32 is designed specifically for demanding hunters. This Fenix HT32 hunting flashlight boasts several special features to help you thrive in challenging hunting conditions. In these circumstances, you often need to track animals through dense undergrowth, traverse rugged terrain, and spot tracks and blood trails. The Fenix HT32 features three different light sources: white, red, and green, providing a massive 2500 lumens of brightness and a 640-meter beam distance.


Notably, the performance of the colored lights is outstanding, as this flashlight utilizes SFT20 CG and RA LED emitters for the first time, boosting the green light's power to an incredible 1400 lumens and extending its reach to 210 meters. The red light offers a 400-lumen brightness and a 120-meter beam distance, making it perfect for preserving your night vision. The green light is favored in hunting to avoid startling animals, while the white light provides powerful general illumination.


Furthermore, the flashlight features a new patented TIR hybrid lens that is 30% smaller but provides a 100% longer beam distance. This hybrid lens allows for both long-range direct lighting and broad peripheral illumination.


You can hunt through the night worry-free, as the included USB-C rechargeable 5000mAh battery ensures continuous operation throughout the night. The Fenix HT32 is specifically designed for demanding hunters, law enforcement officers, and hikers.


Innovative TIR Hybrid Light - Better Visibility, Longer Beam Distance


This flashlight employs the latest patented TIR hybrid lens technology, which is 30% smaller than traditional lenses but allows for a 100% longer beam distance. Its compact size makes it easy to mount on any rifle. This innovative hybrid lens efficiently directs light forward, enabling you to see even double the distance compared to conventional hunting flashlights. The hybrid lens allows you to illuminate both far and wide areas, providing excellent visibility in your environment while keeping your focus on your hunting target.


Powerful Colored Lights - See Clearly and Far!


Our Fenix HT32 flashlight now utilizes powerful SFT20 CG and RA LED colored lights for the first time, taking the performance of colored lights to a new level. The green light can produce an unprecedented maximum brightness of 1400 lumens and reach distances of up to 210 meters, while the red light offers 400 lumens of brightness with a 120-meter beam distance.

Green and red lights are preferred for hunting as they generally do not attract animals' attention. Green light provides better visibility and allows for longer-range vision for hunters. It also creates better contrast at night, making it ideal for detecting dark-colored animals such as wild boars. Red light is also excellent for hunting, as it has less impact on night vision while offering excellent contrast.


Extremely Durable and Efficient Fenix HT32


The Fenix HT32 flashlight is designed to withstand challenging conditions. It features recoil resistance and is shockproof, making it highly reliable. Additionally, the flashlight is completely dust and waterproof, adhering to IP68 standards. It comes with a 5000mAh high-capacity USB-C rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted use throughout the night, allowing you to quickly spot objects from a distance.


Wide Range of Accessories


Thanks to its compact size, the Fenix HT32 is easy to attach to various rifles. In our extensive accessory range, you will find the best and most suitable mounting solutions to further enhance the flashlight's utility.


•ALG-16 M-Lok rail mount

•ALG-06 M-Lok rail mount for remote switches

•ALG-00 rail mount

•ALG-18 barrel mount

•AER-05 remote switch

•MX3 magnetic mount

Product Specifications

•TIR hybrid lens, 30% smaller, and 100% longer beam distance.

•Maximum 2500 lumens and a long 640-meter beam distance.

•Three light sources: white, red, and green.

•Suitable for all rifles, a wide range of additional accessories available.

•Powerful colored lights, green and red.

•Recoil-resistant construction.

•Quick access to Strobe mode for emergencies.

•5000mAh high-capacity USB-C rechargeable battery. Note: Compatible batteries: Fenix ARB-L21-4000P / Fenix ARB-L21-5000U / Fenix ARB-L21-5000 V2.0.

•Tactical tail switch.

•Quick mode switching via the tail switch.

•Package includes: HT32 hunting flashlight, Fenix ARB-L21-5000U USB-C rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB Type-C charging cable, belt holster, wrist strap, replaceable O-ring seal, user manual.
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