Fenix Laser flashlight HT30R, 500 lm

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HT30R the world's most efficient spotlight
Fenix's first white light LEP laser flashlight is, in a word, dazzling. This professional and discerning hobbyist super torch delivers a staggering 1500 meter range with a maximum light output of 500 lumens (ANSI NEMA FL1). The HT30R laser light produces a safe Class 1 standard white light spectrum without the harmful monochromatic light typical of laser light. The HT30R laser flashlight has a precise beam with excellent beam spread for maximum light output. It has a very good beam angle and is highly efficient up to 1500 metres. The HT30R is supplied with a high capacity 5000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. The HT30R is for you who are looking for an extremely powerful and long-range light for target acquisition, signalling and searching.
EU standard USB C charging
Because the Fenix HT30R is designed for demanding use, its high-speed USB C charging connector is neatly protected under a twist-open mechanism. This ensures that the connector is 100% protected from external debris. The charging connector is fully waterproof. An LED light next to the connector clearly indicates the charging progress and the remaining battery capacity.
A switch that won't make you fidget
No need to fidget with this lamp. The innovative dual-function end switch is very easy and reliable. The tactical use switch allows for instant and continuous use of the lamp. The smaller operating switch allows you to effectively use the blinding strobe light in all operating modes. This switch also allows you to switch the light output between two different brightness modes of the lamp (high 500 lm, low 100 lm).
Ultra long lifetime
With the HT30R, nothing has been compromised. It comes with the new generation Fenix ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. The battery pack's awesome 5000 mAh capacity won't run out on you, because on a single charge you can use the lamp at its lowest light output of 100 lumens for a staggering 7 h 15 min at a time!
Recyclable construction
The battery magazine of the Fenix HT30R laser flashlight is compartmentalized. The magazin has a double suspension that keeps the battery "floating" and this prevents battery damage that can be caused by external recoil or other impact.

Product information
Meets the requirements of safety class 1 (447 nm Class 1, EN/IEC 60825-1:2014 & IEC 60471:2006/ EN 62471:2008).
Tactical use operating switch with strobo switching.
EU standard USB C charging connector.
Rechargeable battery magazine with recoil protection to prevent battery damage due to shock or recoil.
LED indicator light for monitoring charging and remaining power.
Low battery indicator function (automatically reduces power when battery voltage drops, flashes light three times every five minutes to remind you to charge or replace the battery).
Overheating protection. Keeps the surface temperature of the lamp at a safe level.
Fenix HT30R laser flashlight, Fenix ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 USB-C rechargeable battery pack, USB-C charging cable, carrying case, mounting strap, replaceable O-ring seal x 2, user manual.
The Fenix brand always guarantees top quality. The Fenix HT30R laser flashlight is fully IP68 dust and waterproof. All Fenix lights are tested in our own laboratory according to the American ANSI/FL1 standard. The Fenix HT30R laser flashlight is backed by a five (5) year (1 year battery) Fenix quality guarantee.

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