USWE A3 Challenger 2,0L BLUE

- 1,2L Liquid Capacity
- Removable multi-pocket
- Slim design

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USWE A3 Challenger 2,0L BLUE


The H3 NDM™ is perfect for a full day on the trails. Combining a hydration system and tool pack into one, ensures you can carry everything needed to guarantee a whole day of fun.
The superlight H3 NDM™ is designed to meet your hydration and tool carrying needs. Offering a truly optimised fit thanks to the revolutionary 4-point harness concept, in addition to its 1,2L / 41oz liquid carrying capabilities the H3 NDM™ has space for an array of parts, tools, mini-pump, phone, keys and wallet, gels and energy bars.

Key features
Media pocket, and a removable multi-pocket . The multi-pocket can easily be detached to make the pack even lighter and slim-slim.
Replaceable hydration bladder

Easy open/close adaptor cap, silicone drink tube, 90 degree bite valve
USWE’s revolutionary NDM™ 4-point harness design ensures that the H3 NDM™ hydration pack remain exactly where it’s intended – on your back, even over the roughest terrain. Put simply they don't bounce around, which means the days of having to wear an uncomfortable, distracting, and inefficient system are long gone. The NDM™ harnesses have variable Velcro straps and dual loop adjustments to allow full body movement. With the NDM™ 4-point harness design a truly customised fit can easily be achieved (S-XL).


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