Ledlenser H19R Signature

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With brightness levels usually found on high-end search lights and features including Bluetooth remote control, the LEDLENSER H19R Signature LED Headlamp is a sophisticated lighting tool for outdoor adventures. The headlamp is equipped with separate, independently adjustable flood and spot beams, so you can select the light you need for your immediate surroundings as well illuminating objects a considerable distance away. Peak output is 4000 lumens on the boost setting, and the 7.4V battery can run the light for up to 20 hours at the 200-lumen low setting. The brightness levels are dimmable in order to achieve the perfect level of illumination, but you can also opt for the Optisense feature, which selects the correct output based on ambient light. There's also a red light setting that won't disrupt your night-acclimated vision the way white light can. The lamp can be programmed and operated on your smartphone via Bluetooth and the LEDLENSER Connect app.

The H19R Signature's versatility doesn't end there. It becomes a bike light with when detached from the headband and used in the included MTB mount. Also included are adapters for a tripod and for GoPro connectors, a helmet mounting kit, and an extension cord that allows the battery pack to be worn or carried elsewhere. The headlamp's aluminum and polycarbonate housing is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and tested to withstand drops of 4.9' without damage. Recharging the 4800mAh Li-ion battery is as easy as snapping on the magnetic charge cable (charge time is 5.5 hours). An overhead strap distributes the weight of this substantial lighting tool for comfort and support.


  • Power (1800 lumens), Mid Power (800 lumens), Low Power (200 lumens), and Boost (4000 lumens) modes
  • Separate, independently adjustable flood and spot beams
  • Optisense technology automatically adjusts brightness based on conditions
  • Flicker-free light with 6000 to 7500K color temperature and CRI of 80


  • Remote control via Bluetooth and LEDLENSER Connect app
  • Multifunction physical switch
  • Dimmer to customize brightness levels


  • IP67-rated waterproof, 4.9' impact resistant
  • Light tilts steplessly 100° for precise beam placement
  • Transportation Lock prevents accidentally turning the lamp on in transit
  • 7.4V, 4800mAh rechargeable battery with magnetic charge cable
  • Memory function recalls the last-used setting
  • Overhead strap for comfort and support
  • Bike mount, helmet mounting kit, tripod and GoPro adapters, extension cord for wearing battery pack separately
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