Tatonka Yukon 50+10 W bordeaux/dahlia

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The Yukon 50+10 Women with a 50 litre capacity is narrow, lightweight and very convincing in its fit. The backpack is adapted to a woman's anatomy in terms of back length (shorter back length) and the shape of the shoulder straps. Ideal for weekend trips, for example.

The weight-optimised V2 carrying system with a precisely shaped hip belt fits comfortably, allowing for efficient weight transfer to the hip area. The hip belt attachment is designed to be adjustable with one hand. The Yukon 50+10 Women Trekking backpack is designed for loads of up to 25 kg, making this backpack model comfortable to use even when packed heavier. Good adjustments and quality materials. Snow protection with two drawstrings under the lid. Quick and easy to pack.

In Sioux Tatonka means bison. For Native Americans, the bison is still a sacred animal. It is a symbol of nature, freedom, wilderness and power. Only carefully tested, safe and strong materials are used to make Tatonka products, so they can withstand heavy use and a variety of weather conditions. Tatonka products are manufactured in Tatonka's own carefully controlled "Open Factory" factories in Vietnam.

Technical Specifications

Large women's hiking backpack
Size: 68 x 30 x 22 cm
Weight empty: 2.3 kg
Capacity: 50 l + 10 l
Compression straps on sides
Adjustable chest strap
Rain cover
A variety of colours

Tyres: Textreme 6. 6, T-Rain Rip, T-Snow Crust, CORDURA® 500 den.
The sole is made of wear-resistant CORDURA® 500 den material.

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