Tatonka First Aid Pack first aid backpack

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The Fist Aid Packback is a high-quality first aid backpack, ergonomically designed, durable backpack to carry all the first aid equipment you need in a portable, off-road format. The backpack leaves your hands free and makes it easier to get to the person who needs first aid, for example in the forest.

This first aid backpack is designed for active outdoor use, especially for e.g. first aid teams, sports clubs for sports competitions, etc. It has an ergonomic design with padded shoulder straps and also has anchoring straps at the front waist and hips, so that the rucksack stays close to you even when running, for example, and can easily be taken to inaccessible places such as the cross-country course.

The backpack is also comfortable to carry on your back during first aid at various events and when walking through large crowds. It is therefore also well suited for use by mobile first aid staff at large events such as festivals. The EA backpack has several transparent pockets where equipment can be easily placed and by opening the backpack you can immediately see which equipment is where. Save valuable time in a first aid situation by not having to search for your equipment. The symbol on the front of the backpack is a common first aid symbol, a white cross on a green background.

Please note that the backpack does not contain ready-to-use EA supplies.

In Sioux Tatonka means bison. To Native Americans, the bison is still a sacred animal. It is a symbol of nature, freedom, wilderness and power. Only carefully tested, safe and strong materials are used to make Tatonka products, so they can withstand heavy use and a variety of weather conditions. Tatonka is a German company with carefully controlled factories in Vietnam.

Technical Specifications

First aid backpack
Capacity: 20 liters
Approximate size: 45 x 37 x 22 cm
Fabric: 420 HD Nylon
Not including EA equipment
Reflective stripes
Weight 650 g empty

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