Savotta Big Bad Stove

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Big Bad Stove – the heaviest artillery of Savotta twig stoves! Big and bad, this stove is stronger and the firebox is larger than its younger siblings Happy and Grumpy. It has the same high-functioning structure because why improve on perfection? The stove comprises 7 laser-cut stainless steel components: three side walls, a bottom, a “face” and a cooking support in two sections. Once clicked into place, the stove is ready for use.

The Big Bad Stove is a strong stove with a decent output/weight/size ratio. Thanks to its generous firebox size and large mouth without increasing to overall size, the stove is easy to feed and not too picky about its fuel. The stove comes with a black protective bag made of 1000D Cordura. Once packed in the bag, the twig stove fits into a really small space and does not spread soot to other supplies. The bag is easy to pack in the outer pocket of a backpack for easy access to a durable, quick-to-assemble field kitchen. (Note! Big Bag Stoves external dimensions are the same as in Happy and Grumpy Stove. The size difference is at the firebox, which is 2 cm larger from the sides.)

Material: 0,8mm Laser-cut stainless steel.
Overall Dimensions: Height 14 cm, width 14 cm, depth 14 cm.
Firebox Dimensions: Height 9,5cm(12cm without grate), width 12cm, depth 12cm.
Weight: 495 g.

Protective bag material: 1000D Cordura, PUR coated.
Dimensions of the protective bag and packed stove: Height 16.5 cm, width 17 cm, depth 1 cm.
Protective bag weight: 40 g.

The product has a 1-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.
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