P6R Core QC

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Multicolor LED with white (270 lm), red (140 lm), green (220 lm) and blue (35 lm) light
Continuously focusable in every single color thanks to the Advanced Focus System
The rotary switch can be used to change between colors even during operation
Multicolor Strobe colored light flashes with irritating glare effect for emergencies
Easily rechargeable via Micro-USB (charging cable included)

The P6R Core QC offers bright and continuously focusable light in four different colors, making it the favorite tool of many hunters, anglers and photographers.

In addition to normal white light, this robust flashlight provides red light (e.g. for glare-free night vision), green light (e.g. for wildlife observation) or blue light (e.g. for tracking) with a maximum runtime of up to 120 hours.

Alternatively, the Multicolor Strobe can be activated, with which flashes of light in all four colors can be emitted simultaneously.

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