MSR Guardian Purifier water purifier

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TheMSR Guardian Purifier is the world's most advanced water purifier for camping.

The well-built, state-of-the-art MSR Guardian Purifier is a reliable and truly efficient water purifier for the hiker. It was originally designed for the US military, whose water purification requirements are extremely high. The Guardian's advanced hollow-bore filter provides the most reliable way to purify dirty water.

Ultimate Protection:Meets NSF Protocol P248, the testing standard used by the US military to remove viruses, bacteria, protozoa and sediment from "worst case" water conditions. With this purifier, you can easily purify water for even the whole family. It's also suitable for emergency preparedness.

Fast and easy:2.5 litres per minute

Independently cleanable:The pump cleans itself with every pump.

Long-lasting: 10,000+ liters of clean water from a single filter.

Extremely durable: Designed to withstand heavy use, freezing, drops and harsh environments.

Purifies water from viruses, bacteria, protozoa, particles and microplastics.


MSR Water Purifier
Purification capacity over 10 000 l
Purification rate: 2.5 l / 1 min
Weight: 490 g
No power supply required
No chemicals included
Self-cleaning mechanism

The Water Purifier is designed for the purification of fresh water.

Retki-Lehde Test Winner!

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