ML4 lantern, rechargeable

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A compact and lightweight power pack for hikers! This small rechargeable lantern is easy to hang on your backpack or belt. In a dark tent, the ML4 provides a steady, eye-pleasing light source at the brightness of your choice. The lantern is easy to charge with the magnetic charging cable (included) and thanks to Dual Power technology, you can also use the lantern with AA batteries if required. This way you won't be left in the dark even when charging the lantern is not possible for one reason or another.
ML4 is weatherproof (IP66).

The lantern has a red reading light and also a transport lock, so that the light does not come on accidentally, for example when carrying the lantern in a rucksack.

Technical specifications

Light output: boost 300 / power 150 / mid power 50 / low power 5 lm
Battery: 1 Li-ion 14500 3.7V , 750 mAh
Length: 97 mm
Diameter: 29 mm
Weight 71 g (battery included)
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