Ledlenser KidLed2

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The Ledlenser Kidled2 headlamp is specially designed for the little ones in the family. It is suitable not only for normal lighting situations, but also for play and exploration, both outdoors and indoors.

The Kidled range of headlamps is designed with children in mind. The attachment of the browband opens when a pull is applied, so that, for example, the browband around the neck does not become entangled in a dangerous situation. The battery cover is secured with a screw, so that the battery cannot be accessed by the "little engineer" on his own.

The Kidled optics are designed to reduce glare, so even if you point a light at a playmate, the light is not harmful to your eyes. In order to conserve battery power, Kidled headlamps have the option of an automatic switch-off function. This automatically switches the light off after 20 minutes of being switched on. For school children, the headlamp has a clip that allows it to be attached to a school bag or backpack without the need for a headband.

Technical specifications

Light output: 40 / 5 lm
Light range: 9 / 2 m
Battery: 1 AAA battery
Weight: 35 g ( battery included )
Red and blue light functions
More Information
PersonMen's / Unisex
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