Ledlenser EXH6R ATEX

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The compact Ledlenser EXH6R ATEX headlamp offers adjustable, safe light for explosive environments. Bright and reliable illumination at both short and long distances. The luminaire has separate LEDs for long-range light (spot), as well as glare-free low beam light for precise work (flood). The swivel head allows you to focus the light exactly where you need it most.

TheEXH6R stands out from the crowd with its powerful integrated battery, which can also be replaced if necessary. The battery is located on the back of the head for ideal weight distribution and can also be attached to clothing or equipment with an extension cord if desired. If the battery of the headlamp is running low, the Ledlenser EXH6R emits a light signal and provides sufficient operating time for safe exit from the workplace. The EXH6R will not leave you in the dark.

The floor lamp also has a transport lock. The transport lock prevents the luminaire from being switched on during transport and storage. If the headlamp only flashes when the switch is pressed, the lamp is most likely to have a transport lock, which can be released by holding the switch down for about 10 seconds.

Exceptional protection against dust and water: IP68.

The delivery includes a charging station that can be mounted on the wall, for example.

A compact, versatile headlamp for explosive environments.


ATEX rechargeable headlamp for work use
Light output: 250 (combined) / 180 (spot) / 100 (food) / 50 (spot low) lm
Light range: 170 / 140 / 30 / 90 m
Burn time: 3 / 4 / 10 / 15 h
Weight: 330 g (incl. battery). battery)
Battery: 1900 mAh, 3. 7 V
Transport lock
CRI 70
Included charging station

ATEX Certificate: SGS22ATEX0039
IEC Ex CertificateIECEx BAS 22. 0027

Ex marking: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 GaII 2D Ex ib IIIC T135°C Db
Temperature Class Dust 135 °C

The EU ATEX Directive is made for working areas where explosive substances, for example various gases, are handled. In such places, high quality luminaires that comply with the ATEX Directive and meet the highest level of safety requirements must always be used.

Ledlenser ATEX luminaires have classifications that tell you exactly under which working conditions the luminaire can be used. The luminaires are intended for professional use in areas such as mining or the chemical industry, and are therefore also available from industrial wholesalers.

Lataa EX certified here
Lataa ATEX Certificate here

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