Hyper 8500 Lm Helmet Light

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Incredibly powerful helmet lamp, built for rough conditions! Made from high quality components and CNC milled aluminium.

• Multi-light high-intensity headlamp.
• 8500 lumen output (ANSI FL1 Standard)
• 4 x SST70 LED.
• Colour temperature 5500k-6500K.
• Multi-angle lens, wider illumination range.
• Variety of lighting modes for multiple conditions, 10%-40%-70%-100%.
• One-piece CNC milled aluminium body, with integrated heat sink to ensure good heat dissipation.
• Large 108Wh (10Ah) capacity battery ensures long operating times in demanding conditions (USB-C charging).
• Power from the included battery or directly from the bike / snowmobile 12V power / battery.
• Power cords have quick connectors, so you can use both options.

• USB to USB-C cord
• 12V bike/snowmobile power cord with quick connector and fuse,
• 12V Cigarette connnector and cord included
• Extender cord
• Helmet mount, GoPro standard
• Handlebar mount
• Separate switch control unit can be attached to the handlebar or clip to a jacket.
• Switch control unit has color indicator for battery power

Operating time, estimated:
550 Lumens - 33H
3500 Lumens - 4H 45 min
6000 Lumens - 2H 30 min
8500 Lumens - 1H 40 min
Color temperature, 4 LEDS: 5500K-6500K

Power and operating times according to ANSI FL1 Standard. Operating times may vary depending on temperature. With the included extended battery cord it is possible to place the battery inside the jacket of undet the snowmobile hood during wintertimes.

Charging Time with USB-C type charger:
5W 5V/1A = 24H
10W 5V/2A = 12H
15W 5V/3A = 8H
30W 12V/2.5A = 4H
A standard USB-C type charger can be used.

User manual: EN,FI,SE,NO,DK,DE

Warranty: LED system 2 years, battery 6 months

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