GearAid Seam Grip +SIL Silicone Tent Sealant, patching adhesive 28g

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Seam Grip +SIL is a patching adhesive and seam sealer specifically designed for silicone treated fabrics, perfect for repairing silk siding, canopies and backpacks. Perfect for small holes and seam tears, very easy to use and weatherproof.

With GearAid Repair Adhesive you can easily repair rips and holes in backpacks, tents, clothing, etc, and seal the seams of silnylon canvas to make it waterproof. Seam Grip +SIL keeps your gear waterproof in a variety of weather conditions and also holds up well to abrasion.


Silicone patching adhesive
For repairing silicone treated fabrics
28 g

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