Fenix Headlamp HP30R V2.0, 3000 lm

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High quality headlamp for demanding use
The Fenix HP30R V2.0 is an extremely powerful and versatile headlamp. The headlamp's low beam and high beam can be used together or separately with the help of an easy-to-use rotary switch. The battery casing of this rechargeable headlamp can be used on a headband or by connecting the included extension cable (1 m long), allowing you to place the battery casing in a backpack or on your belt. The HP30R V2.0 headlamp has powerful combined or separate headlamps for low beam and high beam. The maximum combined light output is 3000 lumens with a maximum range of up to 270 metres. The lamp lasts for a full 120 hours at minimum output (50 lm).

Illuminates everything from near to far
The HP30R V2 offers the choice of using the lamp's high-intensity close-up and target light together, up to max. 3000 lumens or separately. The two neutral white LEDs on the front of the lamp effectively illuminate the entire immediate area with three different brightness levels (50 lm, 200 lm, 1000 lm). The LEDs, which provide comprehensive illumination at close range, also act as a safe beacon, especially in difficult terrain. The powerful target light in the centre of the lamp is optimised to effectively illuminate even distant targets with a high-intensity light source. The headlamp has four brightness levels (50 lm, 200 lm, 800 lm, 2000 lm).
It couldn't be easier to use a headlamp
The lamp's innovative twist and push switch is a perfect example of how easy it can be to use. By turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise, you can quickly select target or low beam. Whether you're using the close or target light, you can press the button at the end of the switch at any time and instantly activate a different light mode, giving you both light modes (target + close). The switch is easy to use even with thicker gloves. It's safe to say that using a high-performance headlamp has never been easier.
Amazing battery capacity with backup function
Most powerful headlamps on the market often have far too little battery capacity, but not Fenix. The HP30R V2.0 has a huge battery capacity of 10000 mAh (2x ARB-L21-5000). You can use the peak power whenever you want and do the longest hike of your life. The light has enough power for up to 15 days* (8 hours/day at 50 lm light output). The lamp's battery is charged with a fast USB Type-C charging cable (included). The HP30R V2.0 charges from empty to full in just 4.5 hours (charging current 2A). The HP30R V2.0's large battery can also be used to quickly distribute emergency power (2A) to other USB rechargeable devices, such as mobile phones, GPS locators, etc. The HP30R V2.0 is therefore an indispensable tool for long treks, demanding work, search and rescue.
Product information
Standard power circuitry maintains brightness longer.
Separate low beam and target light max. 3000 lumens.
The battery casing can be placed with a separate extension cable (length 1 m) e.g. on a belt or in a backpack, which makes the headlamp lightweight and enables the lamp to be used in particularly cold conditions.
The headlamp's battery casing acts as a powerful (2A) emergency power supply to recharge any USB rechargeable device, e.g. mobile phone, GPS locator, etc.
The 2x21700 Li-ion batteries in the battery case are interchangeable.
LED lights clearly indicate charge and remaining power.
Stepless 60-degree adjustable illumination angle.
Durable and lightweight cast aluminium housing.
Hard-hardened, anti-reflective coated, anti-fog glass lenses (target light) and PC lenses (low beam).

Package includes:
HP30R V2.0 rechargeable headlamp,
Fenix ARB-L21-5000 Li-Ion battery x 2 pcs,
Helmet holder x 4 pcs,
Holder for the cable net x 3 pcs,
headgear and headband (detachable),
USB-C charging cable,
Extension cable (length 1 m),
belt pouch,
replaceable O-ring seal,
user manual.

The Fenix brand always guarantees the highest quality, the HP30R V2.0 is IP66 dust and waterproof. All Fenix lamps are tested in our own laboratory according to the American ANSI/FL1 standard. The HP30R V2.0 comes with a five (5) year (1 year battery) Fenix quality warranty.

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