BUFF Original Hunter Military

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,Original Tubular. Multifunctional product designed for all-year-round use. Ideal protection against the cold during high intensity outdoor activities such as trail running, trekking, bouldering, hiking, horse riding, cycling or riding a motorbike. Fit for most necks. Imagine you would start it all over again. That?s what we just did. Our legendary tubular enters a new era to become more comfortable and natural than ever. Optimal capacity for transferring moisture vapor away from the body keeping you dry and comfortable. Designed for improved sustainability, using exclusively Polyester microfiber obtained from clear plastic recycled bottles supplied and certified by REPREVE®. Design: Patterned. Size: Regular. Designed for adults.
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  1. BUFF Windproof Solid New Black
    BUFF Windproof Solid New Black
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  2. BUFF Original Solid Black
    BUFF Original Solid Black
    Tarjoushinta 23,00 € Normaalihinta 24,00 €
  3. BUFF Original Solid Night Blue
    BUFF Original Solid Night Blue
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  4. BUFF Heavyweight Merino Wool Solid Black
    BUFF Heavyweight Merino Wool Solid Black
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